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Keeping your best friend’s breath fresh

0 18 November 2015

This is Dougal, who belongs to our vet Dennis. He is not alone in suffering from dental disease, as this is a common problem affecting our pets, with nearly 80% of dogs and cats suffering to some degree. New Ennis Veterinary ClinicThe culprit of dental disease is plaque, the same problem that causes poor dental health in you or I, and the reason that we must brush our teeth twice daily. Although brushing your pet’s teeth is the gold standard method for keeping those pearly whites nice and healthy, it is often easier said than done. We are more than happy to help assist you in learning to do this.

Dental disease is often difficult to detect in pets, as they will rarely show signs of discomfort or appetite changes. Bad breath can be an indicator that there is a problem but not many of us would consider our pet’s breath sweet smelling at the best of times! The best way to assess your pets’ dental health is to avail of our FREE dental check up clinic. We can use a special torch which will make any plaque on your pets teeth glow in the dark. We can visually examine the externa

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