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Insurance for your peace of mind

0 16 May 2016

We all hope that it will never happen to us, and that our pet will survive a long happy life without illness, accident or injury. However, sadly this isn’t always the case, and though we say to ourselves that if our pet is seriously ill we will avoid big fees by making the decision to let them go, this is often easier said than done. Not to  mention the insidious chronic diseases like a skin condition or heart complaint, that can take alot of time and expense to reach a diagnosis, and then requires life long medication. Making the decision not to treat these problems is fraught with difficulty, as none of us like to see our pet suffering in the slightest, be it from an ongoing itch, or a bleeding lump, or an ongoing runny nose. Having been there, as a pet owner with no insurance and a cat who was badly injured from a bite by a horse, believe me I know only too well the anxiety and stress caused by the worry about my beloved pet and whether he would pull though, and also the tough decision whether to refer him for advanced medical treatment by specialists. I opted for referral for Ted, and am very glad that I did, after all I’d reared him from 3wks old and travelled with him from the UK to Ireland, and he was very much my first ‘baby’ and a very special cat. However this came with significant cost as I didn’t have pet insurance for him. Had I insured him I would have had the