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ennis-vet-clinic-free-veterinary-servicesWe offer a range of nurse clinics free of charge, as listed below. These are by appointment only, with one of our qualified veterinary nurses. Please phone us on 065 67 97 444 for any enquires or to make an appointment.

Puppy and Kitten Club

This club is free, we just ask that you visit us at Ennis Veterinary Clinic with your puppy or kitten once a month to visit with our veterinary nurse. We will weigh your pet  to check that he or she is developing normally, and we will assist you with all aspects of puppy and kitten care- including worm and flea regimes, microchipping, neutering and insurance,  in addition to behaviour and socialisation. This is a vital period in your pet’s  life, let us guide you through it to ensure your little one stays in optimal health.

Weight Checks

At our weight clinics we will give you a clear appraisel of your pet’s body condition and recommend a weight loss plan if required. Our veterinary nurse will be on hand to support you through this time and provide advice as you require it. The purpose of these clinics is to enable you to keep your pet healthier and active for longer – a worrying 60% of pets are overweight so you are not alone if your pet is in this category. Let us support you in keeping your pet at their ideal weight.

Golden Oldies Check

These clinics are designed for pets 8 years and over. The purpose of this check-up is to spot any potential health problems at an early stage and to advise you on what signs to look for and what action to take. Diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease are a big worry for senior pets but if caught early, we can initiate treatment and support you in managing the condition before the disease becomes too advanced. As these diseases can progress unnoticed in their early stages, early detection and preventative health care is vital to help your older pet enjoy full quality of life. We will examine your senior pet and assess whether further investigation is necessary. We offer a 20% discount on any procedure when booked at the time of the Golden Oldies check-up.

Adolescent Health Checks

Between six and eighteen months old your pet makes the transition from puppy or kitten to adult. Our nurse can discuss with you some of the important changes you may need to make such as to diet, exercise, socialisation and training. You will also need to know about worm and flea control, vaccinations and spaying and neutering. We supply a range of food, training aids and other products for pets. We look forward to watching your pet grow up!

Mobility Assessment

As our pets get older they may present with behaviour changes. Dogs can become slow to rise after periods of rest, reluctant to jump in the car or climb stairs and may show a change in temperament. Cats may have areas on their back which look like they may have been ‘missed’ when grooming, start to urinate in odd places around the house, be reluctant to jump on furniture and become grumpy when handled.

If your pet is showing these signs, he or she may well have a mobility problem such as arthritis. At our mobility clinic, our nurse will be able to identify such problems and will help by advising you on ways to make subtle changes to your daily regime that will help your pet cope with these problems. These changes can often result in being able to reduce the amount of pain relief that many pets require.

Dental Check Up

Dental disease is extremely common in dogs and cats. As they are all individuals, different animals need treatment at different frequencies. Some pets require regular dental treatments while others maybe just once in their lifetime. Factors such as diet, breed and the type of toys they play with can play a part. The accumulation of tartar on teeth can smell unpleasant for us but it can also create health issues with your pet. Tooth loss, the spread of bacteria and infection of the gums and jaw bone are all distressing and require lengthy treatment. Our nurse can examine your pet and give you a recommendation to help slow down the need for treatment. We can instruct your on how to brush your pet’s teeth, use enzymatic chews, advice on dietary management of dental disease, or even book you in for a routine scale & polish before any of the more severe symptoms occur. We offer 20% off dental procedures when booked at the time of a dental check-up.

Nutritional Consultation

Nutrition is very important throughout your pet’s life, from birth to senior years. Nutritional requirements change throughout life and there are different requirements between different breeds. We are trained to give advice regarding which diet is most suitable for your pet’s needs. We will  monitor your pet’s weight and advise on daily feeding requirements. We recommend Hill’s Vet Essentials diet as we believe this offers the very best nutrition for your pet.

We can also give advice on prescription diets. These diets are prescribed by a vet, for the specific nutritional requirements of certain illnesses and conditions, such as kidney and liver disease, food allergies and arthritis.

Post Operation Check Ups

We  offer  free of charge post- operative check-ups two days after an operation. Our nurse will check that your pet has recovered from the general anaesthetic, she will ask a few questions on eating, drinking and pain relief and do a clinical examination of your pet as appropriate. Dressings will be removed and any wounds checked. Depending on the outcome of the check up, a further appointment may be made, either with a nurse or with a vet, as necessary, for the removal of stitches and follow up treatment as required.

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