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Canine Nutrition

ennis-vet-clinic-nutritionNutrition is very important throughout your pet’s life, from birth to senior years. Nutritional requirements change throughout life and there are different requirements between different breeds. We are trained to give advice regarding which diet is most suitable for your pet’s needs. We will monitor your pet’s weight and advise on daily feeding requirements. We recommend Hill’s Vet Essentials diet as we believe this food offers the very best nutrition for your pet. It has clinically proven health benefits, is reasonably priced cost per day compared to grocery pet food, and we offer a 100% money back guarantee should you change your mind after purchasing from us.

We can also give advice on prescription diets. These diets are prescribed by a vet, for the specific nutritional requirements of certain illnesses and conditions, such as kidney and liver disease, food allergies and arthritis.

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