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Tips on helping your pet cope with Halloween

0 16 October 2015

Top Four Halloween Pet Safety Tips From Ennis Veterinary Clinic If you plan to integrate your pet into the evening’s festivities, be aware of the following four safety hazards: Costumes – Some animals don’t mind, and even possibly enjoy, the fun of getting dressed up. If your pet falls into this camp, make sure he or she can breathe, see, bark or meow, hear, and move comfortably. If your pet appears agitated, frustrated, or tired, it’s time to free them from the costume. Also be sure to monitor your pet’s temperature and hydration, and always keep an eye on costume parts that could be chewed off or choked on. Treats – Please keep all treats out of your pet’s reach. This includes the treats you are offering trick-or-treaters and any that might come back to your house in a treat bag. Treats made with any chocolate or Xylitol (a popular alternative sweetener) are strictly off-limits, as are any treats containing raisins or macadamia nuts. A possible preventative measure would be to store all treats in a lidded container that your pet cannot break into. Be aware of candy wrappers left strewn about. These can cause major digestive issues –including choking – and should never be left out. Decor – Decorations that involve electricity should be used sparingly aroun

0 16 September 2015

Open Day 2015 We held our first open day on August 15th, to celebrate the first birthday of Ennis Veterinary Clinic, and to offer our customers the opportunity to look around and meet our staff. Despite a drizzly morning the afternoon turned fine, and we had delicious home baking and popcorn served outside, as well as a doggie ‘weigh-in’ station thanks to Hill’s Pet Nutrition who kindly offered their support for the day. Second Chance Animal Rescue also had a stand with some kittens for cuddling, and our raffle raised over €100 for the charity. Children were entertained with face-painting and balloons, while we offered a full tour of our facilities. We had stuffed animals ‘draped up’ in the operating theatre and a demo on the dentistry table, as well as some interesting x-rays to demonstrate our digital x-ray machine in the radiograph room. We hope everyone who attended enjoyed the day! Open day 2015 Fancy Paws Grooming

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0 8 July 2015

We are excited to announce our family open day event, on Saturday 15th August from 12.30 till 3pm. We will be offering a tour of our facilities, where you will have the opportunity to see exactly what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ at Ennis Veterinary Clinic. Although we cannot promise any live demonstrations in our surgery and x-ray facilities, we hope you will like some of our creative displays! We are grateful to Hill’s Pet Nutrition who will have a weighing station set up for free of charge weight checks for your pet and the opportunity for you to discuss keeping your 4-legged companion fit and healthy. We will have face painting, balloons and a colouring competition for the kids so bring along the whole family, even if it’s just for a cup of tea and some home baking and a chat with our veterinary and grooming team. We look forward to seeing you!

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0 16 February 2015

Hill's Pet LogoBeing motivated to stay in shape can be a challenge for humans, let alone our pets. We know that our lack of motivation or even bad habits can easily spill into the lives of our beloved furry friends. That’s why we teamed up with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to give you 5 simple tips to help you get your pet back in shape.

  1. Be sharp-eyed. Now is the time to keep an eye on what your pet is eating. Sneaky feeds from the kids can help your pet pile on the pounds without realising it. Not to mention not knowing what human foods can be dangerous. Letting your children know why overfeeding can become a problem for your pet; will help them watch the amount they give during the course of the day.
  2. Get them on the move. The festive season was all about staying in and enjoying family time. The New Year is all about getting out with the family, which includes your pet. Don’t let the cold scare you back inside, having longer walks, or playing in the park for a couple more minutes helps you both burn off a few extra calories!
  3. Keeping count. It isn’t as tedious as it sounds. If your furry friend is eating a full daily calorie allowance in

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0 20 January 2015

Happy New Year to all our readers! What a better way to start the year than by setting some goals and resolutions? Anyone else already broken theirs already? Nonetheless, here are our top pet resolutions to make 2015 your pet’s healthiest year yet!

  1. Measure your pet’s food- every time

Many owners “eyeball” their pet’s daily intake and pour that into a bowl, usually resulting in overfeeding and weight gain. We recommend using a designated feeding cup or even weighing out the food on electronic scales. Remember older pets and those who have been neutered usually have lower energy needs than young, intact animals.

  1. Choose an Age-Appropriate Diet

To be healthy and free of disease, your pet requires nutrition that is specific to his or her life-stage. For instance growing pets have very specific nutrient requirements to ensure their bodies grow healthy and strong. Senior pets may have lower energy requirements and the correct level of specific nutrients will help in keeping critical organs healthy. Choosing a diet specifically tailored to your pet’s life stage is a great way to keep them in optimal health.

  1. Explore some new walks with your pet


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0 17 November 2014

new-website-launchedWelcome to the brand new Ennis Veterinary Clinic website and blog! We hope that this blog will serve as a means to share with you all the news and events at EVC as well as provide you with some valuable advice to keep your pet healthy. We are passionate about preventative healthcare and our top priority is to help you keep your beloved pet in the very best of health. We know that your pet is part of your family, and as a pet only clinic we are able to offer the TLC that they deserve. We hope you will enjoy following our blog and we look forward to caring for the pets of Co. Clare.

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