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Buttons, our 19 year old dental patient

Buttons, our 19 year old dental patient
0 12 September 2017

Buttons is a 19 year old domestic shorthair cat who we met for the first time this July. She has been adopted by our veterinary nurse Sinead, who has a soft spot for gorgeous senior pets. Buttons has settled right into a very loving home, with Shadow, a beautiful 13 year old lurcher who Sinead also adopted a few years ago.

Buttons had very severe dental disease when we first saw her. She was underweight, her coat was in poor condition from her inability to self groom, and her mouth was very inflamed with several teeth very diseased and covered in heavy amounts of plaque and tartar.

We ran pre-anaesthetic blood work on her to check her kidneys and liver function was all fine, then gave her a general anaesthetic to treat her dental disease. Because of her age we had her on intravenous fluids throughout the procedure in order to help maintain her blood pressure. We also ensured her temperature stayed normal throughout, by having her on a heat mat with heat pads as well. We started by using our ultrasonic scaler to clean all the plaque off her teeth, before polishing them afterwards. She ended up having several teeth removed due to the severity of dental disease that she had, before which we gave her local anaesthetic injections into her gums. Once finished, we placed stitches in her gums to speed up healing. She went home later that day on some pain relief medication for a few days, and since then she hasn’t looked back. She is thoroughly enjoying a pampered life and has become a much loved four-legged family member with Sinead, Rory and Shadow.

See a short clip video of her dental by clicking here 

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