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0 16 May 2016

 Dogs can easily succumb to heatstroke in a car, even with the windows left slightly open. This is because they cool down by panting and releasing heat through their paws. However the air in the car just gets hotter and hotter and there is no way for them to cool down. It is important to get them out of the car as quickly as possible, move to a shady place and offer some cool water. Signs of heatstroke include excessive exaggerative panting, salivation, weakness, muscle tremors, vomiting, or collapse. If this occurs you must seek veterinary attention immediately.

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0 16 May 2016

We all hope that it will never happen to us, and that our pet will survive a long happy life without illness, accident or injury. However, sadly this isn’t always the case, and though we say to ourselves that if our pet is seriously ill we will avoid big fees by making the decision to let them go, this is often easier said than done. Not to  mention the insidious chronic diseases like a skin condition or heart complaint, that can take alot of time and expense to reach a diagnosis, and then requires life long medication. Making the decision not to treat these problems is fraught with difficulty, as none of us like to see our pet suffering in the slightest, be it from an ongoing itch, or a bleeding lump, or an ongoing runny nose. Having been there, as a pet owner with no insurance and a cat who was badly injured from a bite by a horse, believe me I know only too well the anxiety and stress caused by the worry about my beloved pet and whether he would pull though, and also the tough decision whether to refer him for advanced medical treatment by specialists. I opted for referral for Ted, and am very glad that I did, after all I’d reared him from 3wks old and travelled with him from the UK to Ireland, and he was very much my first ‘baby’ and a very special cat. However this came with significant cost as I didn’t have pet insurance for him. Had I insured him I would have had the

0 26 March 2016

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0 25 March 2016

  While wishing you and your pets a very Happy Easter, we would like to highlight a particular hazard that frequently arises at this time of year, and that is chocolate poisoning in dogs. Chocolate contains an ingredient called theobromine, which is a chemical stimulant similar to caffeine. While humans are able to easily metabolise this chemical, dogs take longer to digest their food, so theobromine can be in their system for up to 20 hours. During this time, the dog’s nervous system, heart and kidneys may shut down. We would like to urge all pet owners to keep their chocolate baskets hidden well away from their hoover-mouthed pooches. More important is to impress upon everyone — especially children — that while they might think they are being generous offering the dog some of their Easter treats, chocolate can be easter-1217283_640poisonous even in the smallest of doses. If hiding eggs in the house or garden, please ensure that all are collected before letting your dog out- he or she will sniff them out in an instant due to their incredible sense of smell. Even foil wrappers will not deter a hungry

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0 22 February 2016

IMG_1492Following on from last month’s blog post about operation transformation in pets, here is a fantastic success story about one of our favourite patients, Rupert who managed to lose 13% of his body weight last year. He went on to become a Pet Slimmer of the Year 2015 winner. See below for his story recently in the Clare Champion. If Rupert can do it, your pet can too! We offer completely free of charge weight clinics for advice on how to manage your pet’s weight. Here is the article as published in the Clare Champion:Rupert Clare Champion Ennis cat Rupert has battled against the odds to lose weight and become an Irish Pet Slimmer of the Year winner after shedding 13% of his bodyweight. Seven year old Rupert, affectionately known as ‘Ru’, belongs to Vanessa Morris who rescued him as a stray when he was approximately a year old. Vanessa, of Ennis,

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0 28 January 2016

Today’s pet population is mirroring the weight issues of the human population, and we are seeing the same health issues that go hand in hand (or should we say paw in paw) with this problem. Research shows that 46% of dog owners don’t believe that their dog is actually overweight, and don’t understand the risk that this imposes to their pet. Not only their health is affected, but quality of life and longevity too- healthy weight pets can live up to 2 1/2 years longer than overweight pets. That’s massive! It is truly wonderful to see a pet regain their enthusiasm for life again after losing weight. So often we see wonderful success stories of pets succeeding in dropping some weight and how it positively affects their lives- the dog who can then jump into the back of the car again, or the cat who starts to play around the house rather than sleep all day.

  • How to tell if your pet is overweight

We use this body condition chart below to assess whether a pet is ideal (score of 3) or underweight or overweight. Body condition scoring consists of feeling your pet’s ribs and assessing them from above and side on.

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0 28 January 2016

Last year it became compulsory for all puppies to be microchipped. From March 31st this year, the regulation will be expanded to include all dogs.

Key points for you

-A microchip is inserted under the skin at the back of the neck using a needle, and does not require any sedation to place it -ALL dogs must be microchipped from 31/3/16 and registered on an approved database. -owners must hold a certificate from this database -from 31/3/16 it will be illegal to buy, take ownership, sell or supply a dog that does not have a certificate of microchip registration from an approved database. -dog owners must ensure that all information is up to date and correct -the vet, vet nurse or lay implanter must have a unique identifying code which is issued by the approved database and must be stated on the certificate. -owners must present proof of identity when presenting their dog to have a microchip implanted.


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0 21 December 2015

Here are a few reminders of the things to look out for over the festive period in order to keep your pet safe. Chocolate Chocolate is unfortunately a common cause of poisoning in pets. It contains theobromine which affects the nervous system and heart. It is a common problem over Christmas due to the number of chocolate decorations hung on trees, and boxes of chocolates left out or even wrapped under the tree. A sufficient quantity of any chocolate is poisonous but much smaller amounts of dark chocolate will cause problems. Please keep chocolate out of reach of your pet and avoid giving it as a treat! Grapes, Raisins and Sultanas As well as being one of the main ingredients in Christmas cake and pudding, these are also present in many chocolate bars. There is no specific toxic dose as different animals will tolerate different amounts and just a small amount can lead to kidney failure in some animals. Turkey  Be aware that many Christmas foods are very rich and fatty. Think carefully before giving your pet leftovers as you could end up with a stomach upset to contend with. Cleaning up after your dog wouldn’t be a fun way to spend your Christmas holiday and it certainly wouldn’t be pleasant for him or her either. Poisonous plants Poinsettia, holly and mistletoe are all common plants at this time of year, and

0 18 November 2015

This is Dougal, who belongs to our vet Dennis. He is not alone in suffering from dental disease, as this is a common problem affecting our pets, with nearly 80% of dogs and cats suffering to some degree. New Ennis Veterinary ClinicThe culprit of dental disease is plaque, the same problem that causes poor dental health in you or I, and the reason that we must brush our teeth twice daily. Although brushing your pet’s teeth is the gold standard method for keeping those pearly whites nice and healthy, it is often easier said than done. We are more than happy to help assist you in learning to do this.

Dental disease is often difficult to detect in pets, as they will rarely show signs of discomfort or appetite changes. Bad breath can be an indicator that there is a problem but not many of us would consider our pet’s breath sweet smelling at the best of times! The best way to assess your pets’ dental health is to avail of our FREE dental check up clinic. We can use a special torch which will make any plaque on your pets teeth glow in the dark. We can visually examine the externa

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0 16 October 2015

Top Four Halloween Pet Safety Tips From Ennis Veterinary Clinic If you plan to integrate your pet into the evening’s festivities, be aware of the following four safety hazards: Costumes – Some animals don’t mind, and even possibly enjoy, the fun of getting dressed up. If your pet falls into this camp, make sure he or she can breathe, see, bark or meow, hear, and move comfortably. If your pet appears agitated, frustrated, or tired, it’s time to free them from the costume. Also be sure to monitor your pet’s temperature and hydration, and always keep an eye on costume parts that could be chewed off or choked on. Treats – Please keep all treats out of your pet’s reach. This includes the treats you are offering trick-or-treaters and any that might come back to your house in a treat bag. Treats made with any chocolate or Xylitol (a popular alternative sweetener) are strictly off-limits, as are any treats containing raisins or macadamia nuts. A possible preventative measure would be to store all treats in a lidded container that your pet cannot break into. Be aware of candy wrappers left strewn about. These can cause major digestive issues –including choking – and should never be left out. Decor – Decorations that involve electricity should be used sparingly aroun

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